Are Cars Necessary? (The Meaning of Human Scale)

sienna It is possible–the car-free city is possible. It exists; not as a whole, but in small, tentative but ever-growing pieces. It is vibrant, human and humane; it is liberating. It works for suburbs and towns as well as cities. Whether it is just the first step to our necessarily car-free future or if it’s just a piece of the puzzle is too early to tell yet. Continue reading →

On the Other Side of Collapse: Notes from the Island of Cyprus

IMG_0143 This is an interview with Sofia Matsi, a health campaigner, artist, permaculture designer and sustainability activist. She lives in Nicosia, Cyprus. Last year, Sofia witnessed first hand the near complete collapse of the island’s economy–an event which culminated in a highly controversial bailout plan that included an unprecedented confiscation of up to 10 percent of customer bank deposits and the dismantling of the country’s banking industry. In this interview, she talks about her experience of the crisis, her efforts to develop her father’s land as a permaculture site, and her work to help build “The Movement of Life,” an organization that promotes ecological sustainability, resilience and economic self-reliance for Cypriots. Continue reading →