On Public Health and Energy

Public_Health_nursing The past 200 years have been remarkable. Since the Industrial Revolution, staggering advances in transportation, communications, food production, building, weaponry and countless other technologies have utterly transformed and reshaped the human experience. Among the many radical changes that have transformed society since the birth of industrialism, perhaps none have had as great an impact as the revolution in health. Continue reading →

Are Cars Necessary? (The Meaning of Human Scale)

sienna It is possible–the car-free city is possible. It exists; not as a whole, but in small, tentative but ever-growing pieces. It is vibrant, human and humane; it is liberating. It works for suburbs and towns as well as cities. Whether it is just the first step to our necessarily car-free future or if it’s just a piece of the puzzle is too early to tell yet. Continue reading →